Quality Policy

The company, specialized in handling systems for packaging, has always tried to offer its customers products and services with high quality standards.

The Company has therefore felt the need to equip itself with a complete and methodical tool to ensure compliance with the requirements relating to the products made, customer satisfaction and to improve its Quality Organization, considering the adoption of a Quality Management System referred to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard as an appropriate solution to its needs.


Achieve full customer satisfaction through a flexible and efficient business organization, aimed at respecting the characteristics offered to the customer, keeping under control the risks and opportunities related to the business context, for the purpose of sustainable growth and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the QMS (Quality Management System).

In particular, the following medium/long-term objectives are set:

  • Equip themselves with an efficient organization, based on precise standards and / or working methods;
  • Guarantee the creation of products with high quality standards that meet the needs of the customer;
  • Ensure compliance with the expected implementation times;
  • Reduce internal costs due to non-Quality through adequate business management for Quality and continuous attention to improvement solutions;

Note: Objectives and detailed commitments (short/medium term) are reported in the documentation developed during the review of the Quality Management System, and are expressed as verifiable and possibly measurable goals.