Marpatech is an experienced and reliable Italian company for the supply of customized conveying solutions and turnkey handling systems for glass and PET bottles, cans, jars, bricks, doypacks, flowpacks, bundles, cartons, clusters, cases, trays, pallets, rolls, pans.

A consolidated know-how and high-tech preliminary engineering services allow Marpatech to supply excellent products in terms of quality, performance and reliability in a short time and at competitive costs to the pharmaceutical, bottling, tissue, bakery, personal care and logistics sectors.

Even today people often talk about Marpatech as a startup, because it continues conveying a feeling of dynamism, typical of younger companies. However, this year Marpatech turns 14 , with a structure that can effectively manage a high turnover. Characteristics that is anything but typical of a startup.

However, the story of Marpatech began as such in 2007, when LM – a company specializing in handling systems in the packaging and bottling sectors – found itself having to manage an ever-increasing demand for modular and slat conveyor belts. And so Marpatech was founded in Santarcangelo di Romagna, with a structure dedicated to the specific needs of the greatest demand.

Today Marpatech boasts a strong structure, with a design department of 8 designers: Marpatech in fact builds and assembles in-house most of the components. This has made it possible to offer not only heterogeneous conveyor belts, but also systems of considerable size and different complexity. Customization is one of the keywords that determines the activity of Marpatech.

An important strength of Marpatech is also the age of the staff, including the top management, which is lower than the industry average. This aspect, associated with a corporate culture open to change and innovation, leads Marpatech to a strong dynamism that is crucial to its success.