Ethics and sustainability

Marpatech wants to do business responsibly, respecting the balance between the economic needs of the company and the environmental needs of the whole community.

Marpatech is committed to complying with all applicable sustainability regulations, ensuring that full accountability and control over safety practices and procedures is maintained. Marpatech promotes respect for labor and workers, inclusion, integration and equal opportunity.

Marpatech supports and encourages sustainable operating practices and production systems and requires that its suppliers continually strive to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations.

As part of its energy saving and eco-sustainability program, Marpatech has equipped the sheet metal working department with a photovoltaic system and uses high-efficiency LED lighting system in the production and office areas. Moreover, Marpatech has protected the windows with filtering films so as to significantly reduce the energy needed to cool its offices.

Marpatech promotes the sorting and recycling of all waste produced by its operations.  With a view to circular economy, the disposal of waste that has been previously sorted is carried out by favoring its transfer to plants that carry out treatment aimed at the recovery of materials and energy, using authorized carriers.  Thanks to training addressed to all employees, separate waste collection is implemented also in the office and refreshment areas.

Marpatech implements policies of social responsibility through the sponsorship of projects in support of the community, also in partnership with other players in the area, and collaborates with local technical institutes by regularly welcoming students in their training courses in the company.