Thanks to the latest generation of solutions “made in Santarcangelo” and to a team of proven experience, Marpatech is able to meet every handling need of the customer: from the roller conveyor to the magnetic conveyor, from the modular conveyor to the fabric belt, from the roller conveyor to the pallet up to Sortech, without forgetting additional applications and special solutions.


Pallet conveyor

The Marpatech range is completed with the pallet conveyor, used both for empty and full pallets. The solution can be implemented with rollers or chains, then completed ...
Trasporto teglie

Pan conveyor

The use of conveyor belts in the food industry is a very useful and effective solution because it facilitates the conveying of food of all kinds, packaged ...
Trasporto magnetico

Magnetic Conveyor

Another category of Marpatech conveyors is that of magnetic belts, which are used to convey tinplate cans. Magnetic conveyors are designed and built to solve problems of ...
Trasporto nastro a tela

Conveyor belt

Marpatech fabric conveyor belt is mainly indicated for food, pharmaceutical and tissue products. The fabric conveyor belt allows conveying products of extremely small dimensions, thanks to the ...
soluzioni speciali

Handling solutions

Marpatech designs a wide range of technologically advanced handling systems, whose versatility makes them perfectly applicable to several sectors and designed to operate with the most diverse ...
Guida Motorizzata
applicazioni aggiuntive

Accessory Solutions

Marpatech creates on request special applications, to be added to the different types of handling solutions. The applications are different and customizable in relation to the product, ...
Trasporto Modulare Rettilineo

Modular conveyor

Marpatech modular belt conveyors find their place in many sectors, for food/pharmaceutical and non-food products. They are suitable for conveying various types of products, both flat ...


Sortech is a machine of great flexibility, able to meet multiple requests with variable length and width depending on the type of control and the type of ...
Tapparella Rullini

Slat conveyor

Marpatech is able to supply a wide range of slat conveyor belts mainly used in the beverage, canning and detergent sectors, with bottles/jars/cans in glass, ...
Guida Motorizzata

Roller conveyor

Marpatech is also a reliable partner for the production of roller conveyors. They are made with rollers selected according to the specific requirements of the product and ...