20 anni di esperienza sul campo hanno condotto Marpatech a elaborare soluzioni capaci e affidabili per una molteplicità di settori quali il Conserviero, l’imbottigliamento, la logistica, il tissue, il cibo per animali, la cura della casa e della persona, il farmaceutico, i prodotti da forno, il tabacco, il lattiero-caseario, l’ortofrutta, il cibo fresco, gli snack e dolci, i surgelati e il non food.

imbottigliamento settore


Cases | Bottles/Containers | Brik | Cartons | Doy Pack | Bundles | Cans | Pallett
Bottling is an industry with particular peculiarities, such as high automation, high speed in different applications and high reliability standards for packaging. While taking care of the ...


Cases | Bundles | Flowpack | Pallett | Rolls
For the paper and tissue production sector, Marpatech offers handling solutions that manage products with the utmost care, representing the ideal link between production, packaging and palletizing. ...
prodotti forno

Bakery products

Cases | Cartons | Flowpack | Unpacked | Pallett | Pans | Bowls/Trays
Baked goods have become increasingly popular around the world due to the spread of "baking culture". Marpatech meets the needs of large bakeries by designing and manufacturing ...


Cases | Cartons | Bundles | Flowpack | Pallett | Bowls/Trays
The reliability and speed of Marpatech's conveyor and sorting systems are suitable for the performance standards required by the tobacco industry, offering handling solutions useful for conveying ...
lattiero caseario


Bottles/Containers | Brik | Cartons | Doy Pack | Bundles | Pallett | Bags
Marpatech creates multiple handling solutions for the Dairy sector: from sorters to distribute bottles, diverters to sort unpacked products towards the primary packaging, to diverters to sort ...

Fruit and Vegetables

Flowpack | Unpacked | Pallett | Bowls/Trays
Marpatech belts for the Fruit and Vegetable sector are made with extreme care only after careful analysis of both the materials to be used and the processes ...
piatti pronti

Fresh Product

Cartons | Flowpack | Unpacked | Pallett | Bowls/Trays
Marpatech conveyor belts are designed and manufactured to optimize the processing of food products, both loose and packaged. The functionalities of the handling systems for Fresh Food ...
cibo per animali
cibo animali

Pet Food

Cases | Tinplate cans | Cartons | Doy Pack | Flowpack | Bowls/Trays | Small jars
Marpatech offers a complete range of solutions for the handling of wet and dry pet food in Flowpacks, Bowls and Trays, Jars, Tinplate Jars and Cartons through ...

Canned goods

Tinplate cans | Bottles/Containers | Brik | Cartons | Doy Pack | Bundles | Pallett | Bags | Small jars
Marpatech offers solutions to meet the handling needs of a wide variety of canning products: Tinplate cans, Bags, Jars, Brik, DoyPack, Bottles (plastic and glass), Bundles, Cartons ...
cura persona
cura persona, casa

Personal and Home Care

Cases | Bottles/Containers | Cartons | Doy Pack | Bundles | Flowpack | Pallett
Marpatech systems are highly specialized in conveying full and empty containers of household products for home and personal care, with solutions such as Modular Conveyor (Curvilinear and ...


Cases | Cartons | Flowpack | Pallett | Bags
Marpatech offers customizable solutions allowing its customers to adapt to the needs of the pharmaceutical sector, by conveying products such as sterilized gloves, masks, bags, cases, etc.. ...


Cases | Cartons | Bundles | Pallett | Bowls/Trays
Marpatech has been developing for a long time fast handling and sorting solutions for Envelopes, Cartons, Pallets, for the Logistics sector with its modular chain conveyors, Sortech ...

Snacks and Sweets

Cases | Cartons | Flowpack | Pallett | Bowls/Trays
In the Snack and Sweets sector, the choice of the handling system plays an essential role; there are many variables to consider. This is why Marpatech designs ...

Frozen food

Cartons | Flowpack | Unpacked | Pallett | Bowls/Trays
Marpatech designs and manufactures conveyor belts for frozen products both unpacked and in trays or Flowpack as well as for their wrapping and/or palletizing. The belts ...
non food
non food

Non Food

Cases | Cartons | Bundles | Pallett | Rolls | Bowls/Trays
Marpatech manufactures belts for conveying industrial products, also known as Non Food category, such as polystyrene panels, hardware and screws. The handling of these products can be ...