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Marpatech is able to offer a wide range of conveyor belts for various categories and all types of customer needs

Since 1975, leader in offering technologically advanced handling solutions and conveyor systems, guaranteeing high quality products calibrated to the specific needs of each customer. LM is innovation, reliability and customization

High performance conveyor equipment and systems. For over 60 years Magnoni, a company of the LM Group based in Modena, has been designing and manufacturing customized and technologically advanced handling systems for full, empty and end-of-line containers.

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Trasporto Tapparella gommata
Slat conveyor
Il trasporto tapparella gommata è la tipologia di nastro trasportatore Marpatech studiata per la movimentazione delle merci industriali. Il funzionamento di questo sistema condiziona in modo significativo la catena di produzione. La scelta ...
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Trasporto tapparella gommata

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Technology, experience, reliability, customization: Marpatech products are characterized by these qualities, becoming a reference point in the market of handling systems.

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Marpatech is a leading company in the production of conveyor belts allowing customers to solve in a targeted and customized manner every need for product handling and management.