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Trasporto modulare facchini

Modular conveyor

Modular Porter Conveyor

Modular conveyor system adaptable to all widths and lengths, the modular porter conveyor is made entirely of stainless ...
Trasporto tapparella curvilinea

Slat conveyor

Curvilinear Slat Conveyor

A handling solution that is highly customizable to the customer's needs, the Curvilinear Slat Conveyor finds its best ...
Trasporto tapparella rettilinea

Slat conveyor

Straight slat conveyor

The ideal handling solution for conveying loose and/or packaged products from various sectors, the Straight Slat Conveyor ...
Rulliera motorizzata

Roller conveyor

Motorized Roller Conveyor

A roller handling system mainly used for handling boxes or bags, the Motorized Roller Conveyor owes its name ...
Rulliera folle

Roller conveyor

Idle Roller Conveyor

A roller handling system suitable for end-of-line, manual packaging processes or for collecting scraps, the idle roller conveyor ...
Trasporto teglie

Pan conveyor

Pan Conveyor

Marpatech pan conveyor is a very clean and essential solution for the bakery sector, possibly equipped with pushers ...
Interasse variabile

Handling solutions

Variable interaxis

Marpatech variable interaxis is the handling solution with manual or motorized adjustment, allowing maximum flexibility to the production ...
Rulliera con cinghioli

Handling solutions

Roller conveyor with belts

Marpatech roller conveyor with belts is the solution suitable for conveying a wide variety of packages, with different ...
Spintore a blocco

Accessory Solutions

Pusher and Lock

Pusher and Lock are accessory solutions offered by Marpatech for the fast handling of products in order to ...