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The Rotator is the configuration of Sortech that allows rotating the product on its axis regardless of its ...
Trasporto modulare alta velocità

Modular conveyor

High-speed Modular Conveyor

Handling system characterized by high performance, the High-Speed Modular Conveyor can be modulated according to the customer's needs ...
Trasporto modulare gommato

Modular conveyor

Rubber-coated Modular Conveyor

Conveyor system designed for upward or downward movements, the Rubber-coated Modular Conveyor lends itself to a variety of ...
Trasporto modulare curvilineo

Modular conveyor

Curvilinear Modular Conveyor

A type of belt that is easy to install in all production spaces, the curvilinear modular conveyor guarantees ...
Trasporto modulare rettilineo

Modular conveyor

Straight Modular Conveyor

Modular conveyor system designed for high load capacity, the straight modular conveyor is characterized by silence, versatility and ...
Trasporto tapparella curvilinea

Slat conveyor

Curvilinear Slat Conveyor

A handling solution that is highly customizable to the customer's needs, the Curvilinear Slat Conveyor finds its best ...
Trasporto tapparella rettilinea

Slat conveyor

Straight slat conveyor

The ideal handling solution for conveying loose and/or packaged products from various sectors, the Straight Slat Conveyor ...
Ribaltatore passivo

Handling solutions

Passive Tilter

Marpatech passive tilter is the special solution for product handling, made entirely in custom lengths and widths, based ...
Passaggio operatore

Handling solutions

Operator Pass

Marpatech Operator Pass is one of the special solutions to optimize the passages inside the plant, allowing the ...
Spintore a blocco

Accessory Solutions

Pusher and Lock

Pusher and Lock are accessory solutions offered by Marpatech for the fast handling of products in order to ...