Fabric Conveyor Belt

Marpatech fabric conveyor belt, characterized by multiform structural solutions, meets the most competitive standards of efficiency, modularity, ease of maintenance and cleaning.
Trasporto nastro a tela

Fabric Conveyor Belt

Whether it is very high speed narrow conveyor belt or very wide conveyor belt for the transport of products in rows, the belt conveyor is designed and manufactured by LM respecting criteria of efficiency, modularity, easy maintenance and cleaning. Depending on the application, the position in the line and the product being handled, the LM fabric conveyor belt can have the following standard features: 

  • Rotary pen ends of various diameter
  • Automatic belt centering systems (electropneumatic or pneumatic only)
  • Belt tensioning systems (mechanical centralized or automatic pneumatic)
  • Tipping the end pens to take tension off the belt for maintenance/cleaning
  • Cantilevered design for easy belt replacement
  • Cooling systems for slider surfaces and end pens
  • Pneumatic or electric suction/vacuum systems for perfect product control
  • Pneumatically or electrically operated row joggers
  • Fixed, vibrating, or motorized (plowshare) chicane guide systems for alignment, channeling, or lateral deviation
  • Stationary or vibrating chutes
  • Stacking systems
  • Retractable pen, tilting pen, or air-blow rejection systems
  • Pneumatically or motorized tilting pen vertical deviation systems

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Suited for
  • cura persona, casa
    Personal and Home Care
    Cases, Doy Pack, Flowpack,
  • farmaceutico
    Cases, Flowpack, Bags,
  • imbottogliamento
    Cases, Brik, Doy Pack,
  • logistica
  • tissue
  • dolciario
    Snacks and Sweets
    Cases, Flowpack,
  • pane
    Bakery products
    Cases, Flowpack, Unpacked,
  • surgelati
    Frozen food
    Flowpack, Unpacked,
  • tabacco
    Cases, Flowpack,
  • non food
    Non Food
  • lattiero
    Doy Pack, Bags, Brik,
  • ortofrutta
    Fruit and Vegetables
    Flowpack, Unpacked,
  • fresco
    Fresh Product
    Flowpack, Unpacked,
  • cibo animali
    Pet Food
    Doy Pack, Flowpack,
  • conserviero
    Canned goods
    Bags, Brik, Doy Pack,


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