Magnetic Conveyor

The flagship of Magnoni brand, now an integral part of Lm SpA, magnetic belts are indispensable when it is necessary to lift, overturn or descend iron cans of different sizes, both empty and full.
Trasporto magnetico

Magnetic Conveyor

Marpatech’s magnetic conveyor, thanks to special magnetic belts indispensable for lifting, overturning or discerning iron cans both empty and full and of different sizes, can be used for pre- and post-filling, pre- and post-coding functions. The belt structure can be made of stainless steel or painted iron. The belt mat can be either modular mat or plastic chain. The magnetic tracks are made with neodymium magnets to ensure tightness even under heavy loads. 

Suited for
  • imbottogliamento
  • cibo animali
    Pet Food
    Tinplate cans,
  • conserviero
    Canned goods
    Tinplate cans,


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