The Sortech reject configuration allows the product to be diverted towards a laterally installed idle roller conveyor, in case of packaging defects in the line.


Sortech’s Reject configuration is a particularly useful machine in cases where defects are detected in products with regard to weight, flap closure, package labeling or box condition and it is decided to divert the product towards the discard. In this way, products with defects are rejected and diverted onto a lateral idle roller conveyor or a lateral belt to direct the product to the relevant production stage. Marpatech’s flagship, Sortech is one of the safest handling solutions as it has no external moving parts that could create risks for the worker. It is also extremely flexible: in addition to deviation, it allows you to slow down, speed up, rotate, sort or align continuously, choosing different travel times and speeds. This machine can be manufactured in different lengths and widths according to the specific needs of the customer.

Suited for
  • fresco
    Fresh Product
    Cartons, Bowls/Trays,
  • cibo animali
    Pet Food
    Bowls/Trays, Cartons,
  • conserviero
    Canned goods
  • cura persona, casa
    Personal and Home Care
    Cases, Cartons,
  • farmaceutico
    Cases, Cartons,
  • logistica
    Bowls/Trays, Cases, Cartons,
  • imbottogliamento
    Cases, Cartons,
  • dolciario
    Snacks and Sweets
    Cartons, Bowls/Trays, Cases,
  • pane
    Bakery products
    Cases, Cartons, Bowls/Trays,
  • surgelati
    Frozen food
    Cartons, Bowls/Trays,
  • tabacco
    Cases, Cartons, Bowls/Trays,
  • non food
    Non Food
    Cases, Cartons, Bowls/Trays,
  • lattiero
  • ortofrutta
    Fruit and Vegetables


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