The Marpatech Rotator is the solution that allows changing the direction of the products in the process and packaging lines, an action often necessary in the packaging of many industrial sectors.


The rotator is one of Marpatech’s special solutions aimed at changing the direction of products in the process and packaging lines. Taking advantage of the different friction exerted by the rotation system, products are rotated both from wide front to narrow front, and vice versa. The rotation system consists of a pair of belts with adjustable inclination that, depending on the weight of the product, can be modular or rubber-coated modular. The belts have different speeds and grip characteristics. The differential speeds of the rotators provide important advantages in terms of small size, versatility, ease of use and maintenance. Depending on the customer’s needs, rotators can be made with two, four or more pairs of chains, so that products can be rotated in multiple rows.

Suited for
  • cibo animali
    Pet Food
    Bowls/Trays, Cartons, Doy Pack, Flowpack,
  • conserviero
    Canned goods
    Cartons, Doy Pack, Bags,
  • cura persona, casa
    Personal and Home Care
    Cases, Cartons, Doy Pack, Flowpack,
  • farmaceutico
    Bags, Cases, Cartons, Flowpack,
  • imbottogliamento
    Cases, Cartons, Doy Pack,
  • logistica
    Cases, Cartons, Bowls/Trays,
  • tissue
  • dolciario
    Snacks and Sweets
    Cases, Cartons, Flowpack, Bowls/Trays,
  • pane
    Bakery products
    Cases, Cartons, Flowpack, Bowls/Trays,
  • surgelati
    Frozen food
    Cartons, Flowpack, Bowls/Trays,
  • tabacco
    Bowls/Trays, Cases, Cartons, Flowpack,
  • non food
    Non Food
    Cases, Cartons, Bowls/Trays,
  • lattiero
    Cartons, Doy Pack, Bags,
  • ortofrutta
    Fruit and Vegetables
    Flowpack, Bowls/Trays,
  • fresco
    Fresh Product
    Bowls/Trays, Cartons, Flowpack,


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