Marpatech Tilting machine can be customized according to the speed of the line and the contact time required, and is capable of tilting the bottle by 90° and straightening it again during transit.


The Tilting, placed downstream of a Hot Fill filler, uses the residual heat of the filling process to bring all the areas inside the container not in contact with the treated liquid to about 85 °C. Contact duration is defined based on process data and can vary depending on customer requirements. The technique used to tilt the containers allows high speed and does not require format adjustment for a high range of sizes, shapes and materials, ensuring high reliability. Tilting dimensions are customizable based on line speed and required contact time.

Suited for
  • conserviero
    Canned goods
    Tinplate cans, Bottles/Containers, Brik, Small jars,
  • cura persona, casa
    Personal and Home Care
  • imbottogliamento
    Cans, Bottles/Containers, Brik,
  • lattiero
    Bottles/Containers, Brik,
  • cibo animali
    Pet Food
    Tinplate cans, Small jars,


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